DIY Wedding Hall Decorations

A lot of brides have questions about how to decorate your own hall and save some money with DIY. There are a lot of insider tips and tricks.

DIY Decorating wooden fixtures (e.g. Podiums) with draping & fabric

Bobby pin & duct tape magicPodium decorating 


To fix fabric on wooden pieces, put a length of duct tape on the podium, then fix the fabric with bobby pins to the duct tape.


DIY Stage Decorating

Don’t forget to add fabric to cover up the stage. This can be done with the sides of the stage in a contrasting colour fabric to the top of the stage. Here this is done in white and blue.

Decorating the stage




DIY Head table & Sign In Registry table Decorations

Head table draping can be done in many ways. For a basic design, you should rent or purchase a table skirt (can be ordered off ebay in various colours), some tulle, and some glitzy large fabric pins and bobby pins.


Table skirt for head tablespacer

 Table skirt


spacer Jewelled fabric pin


To cover the top edges of the table, gather your tulle fabric in the colour of your choice (shown here in yellow) at even sections across the table, and place the bunched up fabric inside a large fabric pin. Fix this fabric pin to the table with an additional bobby pin at the top so that it does not slide down!


spacerPretty fabric pins does the trick

spacerTo speed up this process, choose a pretty fabric pin with some jewelled details. You don’t even have to hide these pins when you’re doing your decorations, saving you time.

For more details and to see a step-by-step guide to a different design, please check out our headtable decoration tutorial.

spacerOn the other hand, if you don’t want to bother with all this pinning and tucking, you have many other options including simple draping of different colour fabrics across the table.

DIY Reception Backdrop

a typical wedding backdropThe trickiest piece to DIY, your biggest concern is to create a stable frame. Anchor the bottom with weights if you intend to have lots of fabric and it’s going up over a high ceiling. Fitness weights made of fabric are great for these. Tie one to each side for balance. Cover the base back up by wrapping fabric  around the base piece.

wedding backdrop frame

Backdrop frame with weights

For the nitty gritty of how to build the backdrop frame, I found this great article from Instructables on how to build a backdrop using some PVC piping. Genius! And a great way to save a couple of hundred, since  a backdrop rental cost you from $500-$1000.

DIY Wedding Backdrop Draping Tutorial

In general, because the fabric gets scrunched up, you will need 3x the width in fabric to cover a backdrop frame. For example, if you have a 10 feet wide frame, you should have 30 feet wide in fabric. The smallest frame is usually 10 feet wide, but this size goes up if you have a bigger bridal party. For example, if you have 6 people at the front (including bride and groom), your backdrop will probably need to be 20 feet wide. 

Basic wedding backdrop style DIY

We’ll show you how to put together this basic but elegant backdrop using 2 colour fabric draping in our DIY Backdrop Drape Tutorial.

DIY Lighting

Lighting is a great way to add atmosphere. For this I have a few places to get ideas:

Basic lighting – This video from Craftzine shows you some basic lighting tricks, if Christmas lights in tulle is your kind of style.

Up-lights are available for rentals at several vendors. If not, hearty construction type lights (available at Home Depot, Rona, etc) can also do the trick – just make sure you hide these behind a head table or fabric. These lights do tend to get hot so be careful. They can be placed behind the backdrop, or in front of for a more modern look. Keep in mind though that if placed in front of the backdrop, you may need a little more room on the stage for waiters to walk across to serve the party.

construction light = uplight!


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