A Teal & Blue Glitz Wedding

 A beautiful and glamourous teal and blue colour theme wedding at Grand Baccus Banquet Hall in Scarborough, Toronto.

Table decoration  Headtable and stage  Centrepieces submerged orchids & floating candles

A beautiful stage was set with 3 tables, 1 sweetheart table for the bride and groom, and 1 table on each side for the bridal party. Don’t forget to cover up the stage floor with linens if your guests will be seeing lots of it – as it is set up this way. Here white and blue fabric was used for covering the grey stage.

Submerged orchids made a beautiful centrepiece that utilized the height of the room.

Orchids & Floating Candle Decoration Podium deccoration
Orchids were chosen for decoration and centerpieces. And don’t forget, the plain wooden podium can be decorated too!

Headtable decorations

A lovely head table with extra glitz, thanks to a teal runner, lots of floating candles, and some crystal beading.

sign in table decoration

Sign in table matched the decorations inside. To decorate, they used pictures of the couple, guestbook, centerpieces and runners.


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