DIY Wedding Backdrop Tutorial

Earlier on I had put together a  how-to guide on DIY wedding decor, where you’ll find useful tips on how to put together your own backdrop frame and set up lighting. This week, I’m going to show you how to drape a simple but elegant wedding backdrop, using 2 different colour fabrics (you can of course, use the same colour if you prefer).

In general, because the fabric gets scrunched up, you will need 3x the width in fabric to cover a backdrop frame. For example, if you have a 10 feet wide frame, you should have 30 feet wide in fabric. The frames come in 10 feet sections. If you have 6 people at the front (including bride and groom), your backdrop will probably need to be 20 feet wide. Rent or purchase your fabric accordingly.

Here’s what we will be putting together:

Basic wedding backdrop style DIY

Of course, if you have a 20 feet section, you can do 2 of the above designs, repeating the draping to create the 20 feet backdrop.

To start off with, you’ll need to drape your base fabric evenly across the pole (here our base fabric is a sheer white fabric). If you are renting your backdrop fabric, you may find that it’s a bit too long for your frame (since they are made to work for both 10 feet high frames and higher extensions). The fabric will spool together at the bottom. That’s fine. Given that it’s hidden behind a headtable, nobody will see it anyways, and I personally think it looks nice to have a bit of spooling at the bottom.

DIY draping fabric on backdrop frame

This is what it should look like after you have draped your base fabric.

Backdrop DIY tutorial basic fabric draping

Next, take your highlight colour, shown here in pink, and drape it horizontally across the top. Create a curved hanging by securing at each end with some wire ties to the frame. You’ll see some fabric hanging down at each end, don’t worry about these, you’ll be covering them up later with another fabric.

DIY wedding backdrop tutorial

Finally, drape a panel of the pink fabric at each end to hide the ends, and voila, you’ve completed your backdrop!

wedding backdrop how to

And your finished result should look like our original drawing:

Basic wedding backdrop style DIY

I’ve also included some pictures to illustrate this idea in real life (done here in pink and black fabric).

real wedding backdrop

Corner of our finished tutorial wedding backdrop

wedding backdrop revealed

Pulling back the front pink panel to show you the horizontail pink draping underneath.

For a fun backdrop idea, try using a row of stringed cottonballs or streamers. Check out how great this streamer backdrop looks with just a few up-lights.
DIY streamer wedding backdrop


6 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Backdrop Tutorial

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  2. Wowo… I would love to do my own backdrop cos renting one is so expensive. However, would you be able to tell me where I can get the backdrop frame? I am in Toronto.

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