Ring Shopping Tips

diamond engagment ringBuying an engagement ring or wedding bands costs a significant sum of money – three months’ salary, if you believe the general rule “out there”. But regardless of your budget, here are some tips to help you get the best value for your money. After all, a 1-carat diamond ring with the perfect cut, clarify and colour has the same market evaluation value regardless of where it came from. And trust me, when ladies show off their engagement ring, no one will ask her where she got it.

Our engagement/wedding ring shopping tips:

  1. Do your research and know what you’re talking about. Find out about how diamonds are classified and valued.
  2. Go to a retail store to get an idea of what styles are available, and if you want to make it a shared experience, have the bride try on rings to see what she likes. Generally though, you want to avoid buying it at full retail. You can start keeping an eye out for sales, People’s regularly hold sales twice a year.
  3. Start asking around to see if friends/family/coworker knows someone in the business and can get you significant discounts. Trust me, these discounts are worth your time. Think about it…. 30% savings of your 3 months salary! Make sure no one blabs to the bride and ruin your surprise.
  4. Consider unconventional ring shopping places and methods! Here are some money-saving suggestions: 
  • Bluenile.ca – an award winning site that lets you order certified rings to custom size and custom specs. There is a large selection of ring design, and prices are very competitive. It’s delivered right to your address. How much easier can this be, especially for men who hate the malls?
  • Costco – believe it or not, Costco offers great value for its rings. They have a selection of high-quality diamond rings online as well as in stores (look for the jewellery cases near the entrance). Most are set in platinum with flawless diamonds. Con: selection is limited and the rings do need to be resized if not purchased at the right size.
  • Go on a Caribbean cruise – you will need to use your bartering and bargaining skills, but the jewellery stores in St. Maarten offer certified diamond rings at a great price. These are not a stall on the street, but nice air-conditioned stores. Depending on your purchase, the savings on your ring that you would have pay at full retail will pay for the cost of your cruise. Not a bad way to get engaged and get some sun and beach vacation in at the same time.

Good luck! And gentlemen, don’t forget to put some thought into the proposal.

Got other savvy tips to share? Drop us a comment or email me at (briderella at gmail.com).


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