Non-religious Wedding Ceremony Sites in Toronto

Looking for a non-religious site in the GTA for your wedding ceremony? Here are some suggestions.

While there are many beautiful outdoor garden options in Toronto, such as Edward Gardens, we’ll try to highlight some indoor sites or outdoor covered sites, which are harder to find.

Toronto has sure seen a huge growth in cool, hip and non-traditional wedding venues since I got married. Here are just some you might want to consider, many are available as a reception space as well, but depending on your wedding guest list, they may not fit all your guests.

Salon at the Toronto Reference Library
I know, not the first place you thought to look at right? But what a beautiful sleek modern space!
Capacity: 350-400 seated
Location: Bloor & Yonge

The Toronto Wedding Chapel - for non-religious ceremonies

The Toronto Wedding Chapel

The Wedding Chapel, downtown Toronto, capacity 35
A quaint site for a small ceremony, conveniently located downtown. The hall even provides full service packages that includes the officiant, photography, and decoration service.

Doctor's House Chapel

The Doctor's House chapel

The Doctor’s House located in the West end of Toronto, has a gorgeous non-denominational chapel for up to 120 guests. The facility also has a beautiful garden.

Heintzman House (Uptown Bayview and Steeles) is a stately house with a solarium, grand sitting room, and outdoor site for wedding ceremonies.

Heintzman House solarium

Many art galleries also offer their facility for events. The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) makes an impressive and memorable space for your ceremony, but it doesn’t come cheap (starting at $3,000). Also check out Blue Dot Gallery in the Distillery District for a smaller but still modern ceremony space.

Berkeley Church, downtown Toronto
A former church turned into an event site, this place offers the look of a religious site for couples looking for a non-religious alternative.

Most banquet halls can accomodate your ceremony as well, usually by converting your hall for both purposes. Some halls also have a gorgeous garden site. In particular, Shangri-La Banquet Hall in Markham offers a separate indoor ceremony site so you can have 2 separate indoor spaces for both events.

The Burroughes
A hip, urban loft style space with exposed ceiling and chandelier, with a rooftop terrace to boot.
Capacity: Small
Location: Queen West (Bathrust)


99 Sudbury
Location: Queen West (Dufferin)
A loft style space downtown with the same exposed bricks and high ceilings. The venue has separations to allow you to create rooms for different experience.

2nd Floor Events
Location: King West (Spadina)

Oakville Terrace, Markham
If you’d like to have an outdoor ceremony, the terrace offers an area that’s outside but covered so you won’t have to worry about a rain plan.

There is also a slew of great restaurants in Toronto that can host your ceremony and reception.

Finally, the City of Toronto has a number of Civic Centers open for ceremony bookings, but they are often not the best looking sites. Markham Wedding Chapel (capacity: 8-45 ppl) is one of the better City of Toronto Civic sites. But, the city also has a number of historic sites and museums that are open for weddings.


2 thoughts on “Non-religious Wedding Ceremony Sites in Toronto

  1. The Toronto Wedding Chapel is a hidden gem in the city! I was so surprised how beautiful, elegant, intimate and zen the atmosphere was! This location is an amazing alternative to City Hall Chapels, since you have the option to have your cocktail reception in the venue and no time restraints! Perfect place for small weddings at very reasonable prices!!

  2. You can ask *any* art gallery to rent their space after hours – get the Art Gallery guide from any gallery and just start phoning. You can ask any restaurant for a private room or to rent the restaurant, patio or garden – even if they’ve never done it before, they will probably be pleased to have a discussion. Some people have the ceremony in ONE location + drinks, and then book another restaurant for dinner. Ask a friend to rent the party room of their condo. You can rent private clubs, event spaces, clubs and theatres. Anywhere you can hold a party or a corporate event, you can hold a wedding. Google “private events”, private rooms, private dining, social clubs – and then ask if you can hold a non-religious wedding. Sunnyside pavilion has a covered area. Weddings on Cherry Beach are free. Be creative!

    North York and Scarborough civic chapels are in the basement – avoid at all costs. Mississauga is pretty, though. Stained glass.

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