How sweet it is… Sweet table inspiration

Friends know I have a big sweet tooth. My eyes light up at the mention of dessert.

So I was in for a treat at The Wedding Show. Here’s just a sampling of what was there. You won’t fail to wow your guests with a sweet table selection from these artisans. The treats also work great as wedding favours.

wedding cupcakes

Mini-cupcakes from Patricia's Cake Creations.

pecan cookie

Pecan cookies from Truffle.

drake's sweet table

Lollipop treats from Drake Hotel's generous sweet table.

sweet table

Sweet treats from Cake Opera Co. We sampled cake with an almond nougat icing at Cake Opera Co.'s booth. Hmmm.

macaron cupcakes

Macaron cupcakes. The best of both worlds. Cake Opera Co.

Cakes as centerpieces

Dual function edible rose centerpieces, from Cakes by Konstadin.

Macarons as bonbonnieres. From MoRoCo Chocolat.

cookies wedding favor

Who wouldn't love these country-chic favours? Cookies in a jar, from Truffle.


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