Louis XIV sweet treats

I just discovered a great place for wedding cakes and sweet treats over the weekend. Elizabeth Chang, the baker behind Louis XIV in Richmond Hill, creates unique and intricate pastries using techniques she learned from Le Cordon Bleu and The French Pastry School in Chicago. The bakery also creates modern wedding cakes using traditional buttercream and fondant (unlike most Chinese bakeries in the area). Check out some of the treats we found at her shop:

purple white fondant wedding cake

chinese wedding cake

butterfly wedding cake

sweet table bite-size cakes

sweet table desserts

sweet table mini-cakes

Louis XIV – 550 Why 7 East, Unit 67, Times Square, Richmond Hill. T: 416.508.6616. E: thepastryworkshop@hotmail.com

One thought on “Louis XIV sweet treats

  1. I ate her cakes before, and it is just regular chinese pastry in texture and artificial And, it’s really over price with the quality. Her craftmanship is really bad and rough! Her pastry doesn’t seem like she is trained in a French pastry school!

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