A special gift, my own DIY Qi Pao

Weddings are highly political, full of compromises, and usually a little stressful. But it is also full of love.

I’m a “no fuss” kind of bride, and didn’t want to spend a silly amount on a qi-pao for my Chinese tea ceremony. I love my white wedding dress and plan to wear it for most of the day. So I just got a standard Qi Pao. But my full-time working mom took it upon herself over her holidays to hand sewn detailed beading on it and surprised with me a really unique qi pao. Check this out!

A truly special gift from my mom

I love it! And I feel so bless to have such a great supporting mom. For me, this dress now is extraordinary and full of meaning. It represent my mother’s love, the way she has always cared for her kids. It reminds me of the way she has helped us through whatever tasks and challenges are in our lives, no matter how big or small. I truly understand what Jung Lee means now that it’s important for couples to create something unique to them, not because it’s different and “nobody’s done it at a wedding before”, but because it’s special to you.

A review on Jung Lee’s book (FĂȘte: The Wedding Experience) will follow this week, as well as some venue features. On that note, I must apologize for the late posting. I know it’s long overdue. But we’re back on our regular schedule!

2 thoughts on “A special gift, my own DIY Qi Pao

  1. I love your qi pao, its very traditional. I have a had a hard time finding a regular one in downtown toronto. do you mind telling me where you found yours?


  2. Hi Susan, there are several stores in Pacific Mall that sells Qi-Pao, you’ll find a better selection there. I think one is on the ground floor by the main entrance. You can also rent these at the bridal studios up in Richmond Hill/Markham (see my post on wedding dresses). Hope that helps! Best of luck to your upcoming big day.

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