Book Review, Fête: The Wedding Experience

fete the wedding experience book

Ok, so I’m a fan of Jung Lee’s show Wedded to Perfection on TLC. Her company Fête definitely takes wedding planning and wedding management to the next level. Last week I picked up a copy of her book, “Fête: The Wedding Experience” to get some helpful hints as I plan my big day.

This book boosts that there is no generic check-list of things to do, or advice on how much budget should be allocated to certain areas of the weddings, because every wedding is different and couples have different priorities of what’s important and what makes their wedding day wonderful.

Book Pros/highlights:

  1. Jung has a great core philosophy. Brides do often get caught up in the weddings shown in bridal magazines. They feel they need to do something different, just because it will be different and “nobody’s done it before” – in hopes that it will make the wedding memorable and special. Her take: do what’s meaningful to you and it will make the day special. The same can be said for couples to do something because it’s “tradition”. Jung says nay to all of that. Her say is that while traditional should be respected, you should carry out traditions that have meaning to you, not just because it’s tradition. Hear hear.
  2. Good advice on how to arrive at a style of your wedding that’s you. Also, don’t rush into booking your hall just so you can start booking vendors and planning the rest of the wedding. This part is one of the most important to setting the tone of your wedding and making the wedding reflects “you” as a couple.
  3. Full of great ideas of how to make things unique and how to make guests feel special. For example, include lounge areas around the dance floor for guests to move and mingle, and feel like part of the dance floor action, without needing to dance, and sit older folks sit close to the dance floor for the same reason.
  4. Included are optimal square footage per guest for different styles of weddings, and sample floor plans.
  5. Stunning photos.  Great visual examples and inspirations.

Book Cons:

  1. This book is most helpful for couples with a medium-to-high budget, rather than your DIY bride. Her money saving tips is to go for quality vendors, but cut back on the scale. For example, go for a top floral designer, but reduce the scale of the flowers (number of pieces and elaborateness of the pieces). This however may not be enough for some couples on real tight budgets. Tips like opting for long rectangle tables instead of the round ones provided by halls, because it allows guests to talk to guests across as well as next to them, is great, but only do-able if you have the budget to get rentals.

Sample floor plans

I think this book was a great read for fans of her modern style, and it provides a great way to rethink how you may have been planning and making wedding decisions.

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