The Original Wedding Soiree, Sweet Treats

These highlights from The Original Wedding Soiree is sure to delight sweet-tooth brides. We met many talented cake designers at the show.

cupcakes and brownie-lollipops

The wonderful array of cupcakes & sweets that were for sampling from Cakes By Tanya.

We also love the intricacy of her cake design

I find Tanya's wedding cake designs pretty yet sophisticated.

A more whimsical wedding cake from Cakes By Tanya.

A 4-tier yellow wedding cake

Yellow wedding cake from Cakes By Tanya

A blue & white wedding cake with a vintage feel. From Cakes By Tanya.

Green & white wedding cake. From Cakes By Tanya.

Pretty details on this irregular shaped wedding cake. Also from Cakes By Tanya.

A beautiful white & cream wedding cake from Cake Krumbz.

Presentation is important and we dig how the mini cupcakes were served. Modern sweet table inspirations from Cake Krmubz's table. Carrie would approve.

mini cupcakes

I can never get enough of mini cupcakes. So cute! From Pretty Sweet Boutique.

Love how the ruffle detail was carried out in the cupcakes and the cookie on a stick. And the cookie on a stick makes a neat edible table decoration! From Prettysweet Custom Cake Creations.

Cakes By Tanya. 416.857.0623
Cake Krumbz. 416.854.3266
Prettysweet Custom Cake Creations. 416.500.5652

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