The Spring Wedding Show – Highlights

It’s been a busy 2 weeks. Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing the show highlights from The Wedding Co‘s Spring Wedding Show – an indie couture show held at the Drake Hotel. Many of Toronto’s wedding vendors were at this event showcasing their artistry.

Can you believe this dress is made out of paper? From the Paper Place.

The Drake Hotel‘s yummy sweet treats table.

A beautiful spread – the popcorn was a whimsical and unusual addition. What a quirky way to mix things up. And the apples were a great edible decorative touch.

Silver branches flank each end of the sweet table and adds drama.

Cute iced teacup cookies. All from the Drake.

Of course, no indie couture show can be complete without showcasing some Etsy talent. Over the next few posts you’ll get to see more of what this show had to offer. Above: Quirky Beauty headpieces for the indie bride.

Stay tune for more highlights.


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