Wedding Floral & Flauna

I saw lots of fresh floral ideas at the Spring Wedding Show. It’s unusual to see florists’ vision for a outdoor casual-chic wedding at wedding shows. The showcase pieces are usually more traditional. So it’s great to see a different vibe from the top floral designers and see their range.

Highlights below.

Pink and brown bouquet
A beautiful and unusual pink and brown wedding bouquet from Poppies.

Cute guest card idea, with calligraphy by Claire Reyes
I love this guest card idea! Calligraphy by Claire Reyes.

A close up of Claire Reyes‘s calligraphy work.

This beautiful tulip centerpiece from Cool Green & Shady is casual and fun, yet grand at the same time with the sheer size & abundance of flowers. Everything just works so well together, the silver lights at varying heights, the modern vases.

Orange and green table setting
A colourful orange & green outdoor-inspired setting, from Event Decorator.

An interesting mix of textures from the moss runner to the bark place mats, again from Event Decorator.

A great escort card idea for an outdoor inspired wedding, courtesy of Event Decorator.

A casual table setting for an outdoor wedding. Check out the details: burlap table cloth, wood logs, and potted plants. The bright colours of the white & pink flowers really pop on the soft browns and bring a cheerful dose of colour. From Wild Thyme.

white pink centerpiece
The traditional white and pink colours pop on the warm burlap tablecloth colour. Also from Wild Thyme.

A white & green table setting from Exclusive Affair Rentals.

Green and white wedding
From Exclusive Affair Rentals.

I love the softer take on the traditional damask tablecloth. From Exclusive Affair Rentals.

That’s all for now, until next time!

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