Wedding Favour Ideas, DIY & more

We checked out IncentiveWorks today, a tradeshow for event planners, and saw some great wedding favour/bonbonniere ideas – some you can definitely DIY. Homemade wedding favours from the bride or groom’s family can add a great personal touch to your wedding.

winery theme wedding bonbonniere
Love these chocolates with wine pairing suggestions from Brix Chocolates. How perfect would these be as guest favours for a winery theme wedding? You can also DIY your own chocolate truffles with suggested wine pairing, or package chocolate bars with wine pairing suggestions. According to Brix, extra dark (my fav) goes well with cabernet & bordeaux. Milk chocolate goes well with lighter wines like pinot noir and port rose, and medium dark chocolate goes well with merlot, shiraz and zinfandel.

apple wedding favour
How cute would these notebooks be for an outdoor or garden-themed wedding? Remove the paperclip and they fold flat. From Orchard International.

DIY homemade smores as wedding favour
I love edible wedding favours! Homemade s’mores would be a great DIY wedding favour.

DIY candy wedding favors
Make simple candy favour look gourmet by skewering them on a wooden pick. Warning: let parents handle their kid’s favour treats to avoid accidents or create a loose kid-friendly version.

homemade DIY wedding favour
How about homemade marshmallows & truffles for wedding favours. A few drops of food colouring really helps elevate plain jane marshmallows. Try mixing up the recipe with a few drops of coconut, maple or almond extracts!

One thought on “Wedding Favour Ideas, DIY & more

  1. You found some lovely wedding favours at IncentiveWorks. I particularly like the apple notebook favours which are really unique and I sure they would be a big talking point among the guests. They would provide a great visual decoration for the tables, excellent as you say for a garden-themed wedding
    Plus the guests have something useful to take home with them.

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