99 Sudbury TIFF party

This was a busy week! We had an awesome time checking out a new event space on Tuesday while celebrating the arrival of TIFF with Candice&Alison event management. 99 Sudbury has two modern event space for rent, The Lounge (seats 130 ppl, max 250), and The Glass Factory (max 750 indoors). In short: exposed bricks, high ceiling + open space = lots of possibilities.

Check out highlights of the night below.

The Lounge

A modern red and white table setting.

DJ Vaneska mixing up beats.

Jennifer Decorte from Jean-Pierre + Co
Jennifer Decorte from Jean-Pierre + Co holding some delicious bites.

White and black table setting contrasting with the blue uplights. Love it.

The Glass Factory.

Rows of wine glasses & a few candles line the shelf behind the “blue” bar, making this functional shelf a great backdrop.

This weekend we checked out the fall National Bridal Show, and dropped by the PMA PhotoExpo next door to try out some new lenses. Show highlights coming right up.

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