Tropical Wedding Decor

I’m happy to report that the fall National Wedding Show (held in Mississauga, Toronto) is bigger than its spring counterpart! A prevailing theme throughout was lush, warm tropical settings. This was definitely one of my favourite highlights.

To Suit Your Fancy showed off their decorating chops with 2 completely different settings. Their tropical wedding theme pairs earthy green moss and bamboo with chiavari chairs and rich formal tablecloth.
A unique tropical centerpiece

tropical wedding table setting

tropical table setting with candles and moss

Here are some more tropical centerpieces found throughout this show, hopefully they will give you inspirations for your tropical-theme wedding.

A tropical yet modern centerpiece, courtesy of d&d floral designs

Check out the intricate wiring on the greens. Courtesy of d & d floral designs.

A white orchid centerpiece placed on a glass plate above a large martini glass vase.

Above: I really love how they incorporated some greenery around the base of the vase.

Martini glass centerpiece. Nothing says tropical like warm yellow and orange florals.

More wedding show highlights to follow.

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