Kismet South Asian Wedding Show: Highlights

We saw lots of wonderful modern wedding decor ideas that work for any bride at this year’s Kismet show, but the bright colours and the lavish details are definitely there. Check out our show highlights:

Beautiful wedding centerpiece

A modern hanging centerpiece and table setting from Nisha Chandra.

close up of centerpiece
How it looks from sitting below, design from Nisha Chandra Events

Design from Nisha Chandra Events

This beautiful hanging centerpiece was accompanied by a mirror top table reflecting what's up above.

An upside down umbrella is the anchor for this hanging centerpiece, also from Nisha Chandra.

The wedding table

A close-up of the table setting, done in hot pink and turquoise.

A modern mirror top table.

A more traditional south asian centerpiece

The above ideas are all from Nisha Chandra Events. But more show highlights coming right up! We have so many shows it’s hard to keep up. Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out last season’s 2 part Kismet show highlights as well.

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