Desi Diva South Asian Wedding Show Highlights

We had fun checking out the inaugural Desi Diva event, held at Toronto’s Palais Royale. We felt pampered the moment we walked through the doors. Champagne was poured by lovely ladies from an archway above the main reception room. Now this is a VIP treatment your guests will remember. We chilled in Distinct Occasion’s lovely tent, sampled the culinary delights including lamp chops, lentil soup and lobster bisque, and checked out the magic being worked on in the beauty room. At the end of the festivities, each guest got a swag bag full of goodies when we left. A pretty good deal at $5/person.

Check out highlights below.

Palais Royale
Palais Royale, an event space right on the lake in downtown Toronto.

Our champagne was a performance in itself.

Inside of the main hall was decorated in bright hues.

tiramisu shooter for dessert
Tiramisu shooter. Yum.

chocolate truffles on a stick
Chocolate truffles on a stick. No more messy chocolate-stained fingers.

A walking table gets food to your guests where they are. It reminds me of Beauty & The Beast (you know, magical dancing teacups and all).

Lobster bisque shooter
Lobster bisque. It’s like they knew all my favourite foods 🙂

Beautiful table decor, courtesy of Nisha Chandra.

More table setting ideas from Nisha Chandra.

south asian wedding cake
If you are looking for something different, Sweet Sweets creates some pretty unique wedding cakes.

Colour wedding cake creation from Sweet Sweets
Another colourful creation from Sweet Sweets.

The lakeside patio outside is perfect for guests to mingle or for ceremonies.

A performance from the troops at A2D2.


wedding entertainment from a2d2

wedding performance from a2d2

A2D2 performers

glittery mehdi

hand mehndi
Glittery mehdi from Fresh Mehndi Inc.

Patti working her magic.
Patti from Make-Up By PBW working her magic.

Make up by Seher.
And Seher from Seher Studio.

Chilling out in Crystal`s exotic pad. Crystal from Distinct Occasions is super nice and approachable, and she has a wealth of wedding planning knowledge.

We are done shows for the fall. Whew. What a busy circuit this year. But we are soooo excited. There’s lots of good stuff coming up, including our first fall bridal shoot. Stay tune for more details.


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