Graydon Hall Manor – Open House

Took some time out of a hectic work schedule to attend Graydon Hall Manor‘s Open House today. Located uptown at 401 and 404 – this is a beautiful manor in a quiet residential area, with convenient access to 2 major highways. If you are into traditional elegance, then you’ll love Graydon Hall.

the exterior

Graydon Hall Manor entrance

Open house on a sunny winter day.

A peach and cream setting in the main room at Graydon Hall Manor.

Simple baby's breath centerpieces. Tip: with a beautiful backdrop like this, you can spend less on decor and flowers.

A round table setting in the main hall.

A 2-story chapel space inside (but the outside garden is beautiful for a summer wedding).

Chandelier in the main stairway.

And the view looking down, great place for dramatic portraits.

A few smaller rooms are available upstairs, along with a beautiful bridal suite.

One of the rooms upstairs, decorated for a small event or after-wedding brunch.

Another upstairs room at the manor.

A biscotti station is perfect for after-ceremony snacks or brunch receptions.

So end our tour of Graydon Hall Manor. Thanks for having us over.

I’ve been working a lot of late nights the past few months, so unfortunately the blog postings are coming a little slower now. But hopefully not for too long. Thanks for your patience and thanks for following this blog.


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