Hairpiece Giveaway Contest!

For Spring, and we are giving away a gorgeous bridal hairpiece! We stumbled upon SamsSeaShellsbySea’s Etsy store awhile ago and was blown away by her creativity, and Sam has graciously donated a bridal hairpiece for one lovely bride-to-be.

The prize:
Sam's Seashell by the sea shore

bridal contest

Sam also makes some very sassy hot-pink and black feather pieces, for those who want unique bridal pieces. Get in touch with her to get custom pieces done.

To win, simply comment on any section of the website from February-March for a chance to win. Winner must be a Canadian resident.

28 thoughts on “Hairpiece Giveaway Contest!

  1. This is gorgeous~ I am looking to have an Amazing wedding, but not sure how that can happen with not so much money. Hoping I can win this to make myself feel pretty on this special day of mine. Thanks in advance~!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful!! This hair piece would be just perfect to wear on my day. It is just what I am looking for to pull my dream look together!

  3. I love love love this hairpiece! I have been looking around for something that will suit, and this would go perfectly!

  4. I am definitely looking for something like this for my wedding ensemble!! Good luck to all the ladies who have entered!!! And happy marriages to all!

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