Kismet South Asian Wedding Show, Spring 2011

I saw a lot of familiar faces and vendors at the Spring 2011 Kismet South Asian wedding show. Here are some highlights from the show.

Some amazing ornate cakes, courtesy of Fine Cakes By Lehra.

Masquerade inspired wedding cake

A Masquerade inspired wedding cake in orange, hot pink and purple.

Ornate purple and gold Indian wedding cake

Purple and gold wedding cake

pale green pale pink wedding cake

I love this colour combination - pale green and pink.

peacock wedding cake

Peacock wedding cake

peacock wedding cake

A different version of the peacock wedding cake.

Next up, a modern South Asian take on a traditional Indian sweet table, from Premium Sweets:


Galab jamun served in a modern sweet table setting.

indian sweet table

Traditional sweets served modern, clear trays on a black tablecloth.

South Asian sweet table

Another sweet table serving variation.

south asian dessert: laddus

Signs are a good idea if you have a lot of guests who may not be familiar with these treats. A description would be even better!

Stay tune for more, decor ideas up next. Also scroll through the blog to find our previous Kismet show highlights from 2010.

One thought on “Kismet South Asian Wedding Show, Spring 2011

  1. I have been desperately looking for info about this and discovered your website via yahoo. It is undoubtedly one for my bookmarking! Keep up  the good work I will pop back again soon. After getting this idea i will surely do this in my wedding

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