Canadian Bridal Fashion

This is a fabulous week: Toronto Fashion Week! To celebrate, check out our Briderella bridal fashion editorial featuring all Canadian talent, from the gowns to the jewellery. Photography courtesy of Sharp Fluff Wedding Photography (Toronto).

Zlatina in Lea-Ann Belter Avia
Zlatina is wearing Lea-Ann Belter Avia.

Teona in Lea-Ann Belter Pearl
Teona is wearing Lea-Ann Belter Pearl, Anais Anette sash, Karolina Keeler earrings, MyEpiphanyCo necklace & bracelet.

Teona sparkles at Graydon Hall
On Teona: Karolina Keeler earrings, MyEpiphanyCo necklace.

wedding fashion at Graydon Hall Manor
On Zlatina: Karolina Keeler hairpiece and bracelet, MyEpiphanyCo necklace.

Zlatina in Lea-Ann Belter in Florence
Zlatina is wearing Lea-Ann Belter Florence, MyEpiphanyCo necklace, bracelet and earrings, Karolina Keeler hairpiece, Aldo shoes, Alternative Blooms bouquet (on table).

Sona in Lea-Ann Belter Colette
Sona is wearing Lea-Ann Belter Colette, Lea-Ann Belter sash, Karolina Keeler earrings and hairpiece, MyEpiphanyCo bracelet.

Vendors & Credit:
Lea-Ann Belter
Karolina Keeler
Anais Anette

Photography: Sharp Fluff Photography
Make-up (Zlatina and Teona): Jenn Acqui
Make-up (Sona): Candace French
Hair (all models): Candace French
Stylist: Kristy Skelton
Models: Zlatina, Teona G, and Sona G
Venue: Graydon Hall Manor


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