Sweet Inspiration (Wedluxe)

Looking for a knock-out sweet table that will be the talk of town? So many great cakes and ideas found at the show. We were on a sugar-high leaving the Fairmont!

Cake Opera Co.

Delightful little bits. Almost too pretty to eat. The key word though, is almost. Cake Opera Co.

Truffle Toronto

Truffle Toronto

Our readers love teal!
Our readers love teal! So here is more beautiful teal cake table set up. Bobette & Belle.

purple cupcakes
Purple cupcakes. Bobette & Belle.

Beautiful rich browns and golden yellow cake table.
Beautiful rich browns and golden yellow cake table. Bobette & Belle.

cake (2)

Out of this world caramel corn
Out of this world caramel popcorn! Bobette & Belle.

Wedding Cake Shoppe‘s cute display! Has a little tea garden Alice-in-Wonderland charm to it.

Nadia & Co.

Nadia & Co.

Although there are many more images, we have to move on to other cool events happening in town. If you want to see the rest, check out our Facebook Page for a full gallery!

Eye Candy

Happy Tuesday! Some awesome wedding inspirations for those with a sweet tooth!

sweet table decadence

Simple sweets stacked on a stick looks so much more chic! Sweet table decadence, courtesy of Pusateri’s.

Vintage style sweet table

Vintage sweet table from Truffles. Every year I look forward to seeing their gorgeous displays.

vintage sweet table

Close up of the Truffles yummyness.

Rustic chic meets vintage in this sweet table display.

Rustic chic meets vintage in this sweet table display. From The Drake Hotel.

Cotton candy centerpiece! Affordable, colourful, fun, and interactive, what more can you ask for? (Not the best photo, taken with my camera phone)

Colourful lollipops & simple tarts look fresh in a modern acrylic display.

wedding cakes

Cake Opera Co’s intricate wedding cake creations.

Blue, Teal, Green, and everything in between wedding inspirations

If the scene at The Wedding Show was any indication, greens and blues are definitely on trend, especially colours like the Tiffany blue.

Here are my favourite show highlights for these colours, for decor, cakes, and more.

blue table decor

More of Barbara Kua's calligraphy work in a beautiful blue table setting

blue wedding table

Also from Barbara Kua's calligraphy.

crystal tree

I also loved the crystal tree from Barbara Kua's Calligraphy show booth.

Sweet table

Gorgeous tiffany blue truffles from Truffle.

blue green wedding cake

More from Truffle

Macaron tree for your sweet table

Love this idea, a treat-filled tree for your sweet table. From Truffle.

blue green favour box

Favour/take-away box, from Truffle.

teal blue wedding cake

A cute teal blue cake, from Bobbette & Belle.

Green and gold ribbon cake

A whimsical green and white wedding cake with gold accents. From the Caketress.

Typography-as-design lime green invite from Love The Card. >

Typography-as-design from Love The Card.

green florals

Florals and fruits decorations from The Drake Hotel.

For more teal and blue wedding inspirations, check out one of our most popular Real Wedding features.

White Weddings. Timeless & Classic.

You’ll be surprised at how exciting white can be. Here are some wedding inspirations – from decor to cakes- to bring a fresh edge to your classic white wedding.

Orchid wedding centerpiece

Sparkling glittering wedding decor & florals from Forget Me Not Flowers.

Silver and white wedding cake and invitations

Silver and white wedding cake from Bobbette & Belle, Wedding Invitations from Love the Card.

silver white ribbon wedding cake

Two versions, both knock outs. Silver & white wedding cakes with beautiful jewelled details. Left: Bobbette & Belle. Right: Patricia's Cake Creations.

How novel! Ice sculpture centerpieces for your florals.

Ice vases for your centerpieces, from Ice Culture.

Silver and white sweet table

This is one sweet table I would never be able to resist. From Truffles.

silver and white cookies sweet table

More edible art from Truffles. These sweet treats look almost too good to eat. Almost.

sweet table

More treat ideas for your sweet table. All from Truffle. Everything on that table looked so good.

white green

White and green is another classic combination. Left: Patricia

hanging flower

Neat idea: hanging flower decor from Angelique's Wedding and Events. More from her amazing display later.

white and black wedding cake

Konstadin never fails to amaze me with her intricate work and attention to detail. The flower and black details on this wedding cake are all edible. From Cakes by Konstadin.


Believe it or not, there are still lots more to come from The Wedding Show!

How sweet it is… Sweet table inspiration

Friends know I have a big sweet tooth. My eyes light up at the mention of dessert.

So I was in for a treat at The Wedding Show. Here’s just a sampling of what was there. You won’t fail to wow your guests with a sweet table selection from these artisans. The treats also work great as wedding favours.

wedding cupcakes

Mini-cupcakes from Patricia's Cake Creations.

pecan cookie

Pecan cookies from Truffle.

drake's sweet table

Lollipop treats from Drake Hotel's generous sweet table.

sweet table

Sweet treats from Cake Opera Co. We sampled cake with an almond nougat icing at Cake Opera Co.'s booth. Hmmm.

macaron cupcakes

Macaron cupcakes. The best of both worlds. Cake Opera Co.

Cakes as centerpieces

Dual function edible rose centerpieces, from Cakes by Konstadin.

Macarons as bonbonnieres. From MoRoCo Chocolat.

cookies wedding favor

Who wouldn't love these country-chic favours? Cookies in a jar, from Truffle.